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It's All Your Fault!: 12 Tips for Managing People Who Blame Others for Everything

William A Eddy, Bill Eddy

Unhooked Books, 21 February 2012


If you haven’t been someone’s Target of Blame, you will be soon. According to author Bill Eddy, blaming others is increasing in societies around the globe and there’s a pattern in this blaming behavior, driven by people with certain personalities – perhaps 15% of our society. Though it’s a growing problem he also believes it is a predictable one, and a problem that can be managed in most cases with more understanding – and doing the opposite of what you feel like doing!

Contents include:

  • Don’t take their personal attacks
  • Don’t give them negative feedback
  • Don’t bend boundaries with borderlines
  • Don’t diss the Narcissists
  • Don’t get hooked by Histrionics
  • Don’t get conned by Antisocials
  • Don’t be a Negative Advocate
  • Handling High-Conflict personalities
  • Connect using your EAR
  • Analyze your realistic options
  • Respond quickly to Misinformation
  • Set Limits on Misbehaviour
  • Choose your battles

Source: Google Books