The FAMILY & CHILD MEDIATION WORKSHOP is a three workshop for Psychologists, Social workers and Mediators who are designated in The Children’s Act to draft Parenting Plans. This workshop provides the practical and technical skills for the Drafting of Parenting Plans. This mediation model is endorsed be the Office of the Family Advocate. We are introducing the Child’s Voice Kit a tool for canvassing children’s experience of their family, self, school and world.


This workshop is presented by Dr Ronel Duchen and Irma Schutte.

Dr Ronel Duchen has been practising as a Counselling psychologist since July 1994. She holds the following degrees from RAU: BSc (Mathematical Sciences), National Higher Education Diploma, BSc (Hon), MA (Psychology) (cum laude) and a D.Litt. et Phil.
Her practice consist of forensic work and includes psychological assessments and testifying in civil and criminal matters. She has testified as an expert witness in the High, Regional and Magistrate Courts, as well as the CCMA. The focus of her work is mediation and the drafting of Parenting Plans.
Dr Duchen serves on the panel of experts working with the Office of the Family Advocate. She is a trained mediator and provides continuous professional development training and supervision. Dr Duchen developed the Familyzone Grid System.

Irma Schutte is a senior social worker with twenty-five years ‘experience in the field of child and family care. She obtained the degree BA (SW) in 1987 and her MA (SW) cum Laude in 1995. She worked in the child and family care system for a period of ten years before embarking on the academic field of employment, joining the University of Pretoria.
Mrs Schutte has been in private practice since 1996. Her areas of specialisation are all matters relating to families and children, divorce, sexual abuse, child therapy and mediation.
Mrs Schutte was also the founder of the annual conference: “Dealing with children and divorce”, aimed at linking different professions in the field of divorce and providing them with skills to deal more effectively with divorce related matters. Mrs Schutte is also a contributor to various workshops which are presented nationally.

Workshop Summary

VENUE: Accolades Boutique Venue ,72 Dale Road, Midrand
CPDs: HPCSA pending& SACCP pending
COST: R4 500
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Learning objectives

  • Understand the FCM process
  • Understand the legal requirements and regulations for the drafting Parenting Plans
  • Structure the mediation process effectively and contain costs for clients
  • Conduct intake interviews
  • Using the Familyzone Grid system
  • Facilitate Child Participation in an appropriate manner
  • Facilitate joint sessions with parents
  • Reach sustainable agreements
  • Practice the writing of Parenting Plans
  • How to register as a mediator

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I draft a Parenting Plan after this workshop?Yes, Psychologist and Social Workers can. Mediators who are not psychologists or social workers need to be qualified as mediators as well.
  2. What makes FCM different from other mediation processes?FCM provides a structured methodology to assisting parents with the drafting of Parenting Plans. This process complies with the regulations of the Children’s Act and is endorsed by the Office of the Family Advocate, specifically for the drafting of Parenting Plans. The Act further compels practitioners to facilitate Child Participation and to sign Parenting Plans off as in the Best Interest of Children. This workshop provides practitioners with the practical and administrative skills to fulfill these rolls and obligations.
  3. Do I need to complete the Basic Mediation Workshop prior to enrolling for FCM?It depends why you enroll for the FCM course. If you wish to become a mediator and mediate parenting Plans it is advisable that you complete the Basic Mediation training first.
  4. Will I be able to register as a mediator once I have completed this course?No, in order to become a accredited mediator you need to do the Basic Mediation course and comply with other criteria as set out on the NABFAM website.
  5. Is the Toolkit included in the price? No the Child’s Voice toolkit needs to be purchased separately.
Day One
08:30 Registration and signing of attendance register
9:00 Chapter One: Welcome and Introduction
9:15 An overview of the Family and Child Mediation Model
09:45 Chapter Two: The Mediation Contract and Ethical Consideration
11:00 Tea and refreshments
11:30 Chapter Three: Familyzone grid as a Support Tool during Mediation
12:00 Chapter Four: Child's Act and related Legislations
13:15 Lunch
14:00 Chapter Four: continued
15:00 Chapter Five: Trust and the Parental Alliance
16:00 Closure
Day Two
08:45 Signing of attendance register
9:00 Chapter Six: the Individual Adult Interview
10:00Chapter Seven: The Individual Child Interview
10:30 Preparatory phase of mediation: child interview
11:00 Tea and refreshments
11:30 Chapter Eight: Mediator's Skills
12:00 Chapter Nine: The First Joint Session
13:15 Lunch
14:00 Chapter Ten: The Second Joint Session
Residency and Contact Plan
16:00 Chapter Eleven: the Link between Child Development and Residency Plans
Day Three
08:45 Signing of attendance register
09:00 Chapter Twelve: The Third Joint Session
The Remainder of Agenda Items
11:00 Tea and brunch
12:00 Chapter Thirteen: Drafting and finalizing the Parenting Plan
12:45 Evaluation Forms
13:00 Certificates and closure