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Familyzone offers innovative services to professionals and parents. The Family and Child Mediation Model, the Familyzone Grid system and The Child's Voice Toolkit are examples of projects and products that Familyzone initiated. Specialties Mediation, Parenting Plans, Accredited training workshops, Child's Voice Toolkit, Grid Reports

Familyzone is an initiative of Dr. Ronel Duchen. The website aims at providing information and skills building for parents, children and professionals on divorce, separation and post-divorce issues. This website can be utilised as a resource and skills builder during and after divorce. Familyzone is at the forefront of innovation in the mediation arena.

Mediation, Parenting Plans, Accredited Training Workshops, Child's Voice Toolkit, Grid Reports

Child’s Voice Toolkit

A new tool for the professional to support various forms of assessment and intervention. Open up new avenues to discuss the child’s experience of school, family, care and self.

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The Grid Questionnaire

A tool for the professional that provides a bird’s eye view on the fit between parents and children. Develop an understanding of how parents view themselves, their child’s other parent and their children in various roles.

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Follow our discussion about how to connect to your child. The connection between parent and child needs to be supported throughout the child’s development. Find out what works at various ages.

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